Art set-up checklist

Print ready PDF

To simplify and speed up our turn around times PrinterHQ uses print ready PDF art.

Below is an easy to use checklist to see if your art meets the required standards. As with all of our services we offer, if you have any questions outside of this checklist please dont hesitate to call us on 02 8467 1542

This document can be downloaded just below.

Guidelines for WallPaper or SAV

Preparation for long lasting and perfect results.

Correct preparation is essential for the longevity of your wallpaper or SAV. If the steps below can be adhered too this will increase the adhesiveness and ease of installation. Please take a minute to read the following Guidelines prior to installation.

  • Exposed or rough surfaces such as cement, concrete or raw plaster are not suitable for installation.

  • Faults in the surface of a wall will not be ‘hidden’ by application of SAV's or wallpaper and imperfections will remain visible throughout the life of the print.

  • The current trend in paints are Wash'n'Wear. These paints however contain chemicals such as Silicone or Teflon which are designed to repel dirt and grime. However they also repel self adhesives as well.

  • Our preferred paint selection is Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat. Alternatively you can use Wattly tradesman low sheen paint. 

  • You can download a Product information sheet for both paints from below.

  • Apply and prep wall as directed on the paint can. Installation should only occur once the wall has prepped and after any building work has been completed. 

  • If you have any questions feel free to call us and discuss options available to you.

Preparation downloads

Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat (pdf)


Wattyl Tradesman Low Sheen (pdf)